Monday, March 11, 2013

Mad. Mat. Matters.



My baby boy is turning 7 months old this week. The days are loooong, mornings too early but months just fly by...  Now that little guy is sitting and crawling and pulling himself to stand.

zuri crawling

This made life easier and harder at the same time. Easier, because sitting up makes for a happy self-entertained baby (aka sewing time for mommy) but crawling and pulling himself up and opening drawers... that's trouble! (aka mommy runs for the 10th time from the sewing machine to the little guy who is holding himself with all his might in a crazy weird position at the play table in order not to fall down the life-threatening  4 inches he is off the floor.) But anyways, I finally got around to sew something pretty besides the 20+ prefold diapers made from recycled flannel sheets, which leads us to



A made a place mat for my daughter. It's Montessori inspired and shows the proper position of the plate, cup, spoon, knife and fork. I simply traced a plate, cup etc. on cotton fabric, cut it out fabric-glued it on top of the yellow gingham. I waited a bit until the glue was dry, ironed over it and stitched around the edges with buttonhole stitch. than I added a white layer of fabric to the back and sewed the green polka dot binding around the edges of the place mat. Currently we use it on the family table under a transparent plastic table cover (otherwise the place mat would need to go to the wash after every single meal and I'd need to make about 15 of those to have always one at hand...) And here is how she sets the table...


figuring out what direction to turn the knife



During those last 6 months or so I've been reading a lot. What better thing to do while nursing, right? Reading a lot of  interesting facts, helpful ideas, shocking truths, good advice. Most of it not entirely new to me, but with the deeper insights I gained I started making some actual changes. I feel good about those changes that made our life healthier, more thoughtful and to some extend also greener. I am sure you'll read about it more here. Though this is still a blog about my sewing and craft stuff, all those new changes will pop up here and there, too, because they matter - to me anyhow. Most likely though in the form of some creative project. Like the Montessori place mat. (Yes, I read a lot about Maria Montessori's ideas and I put some into practice at our home...) Enough, the baby starts eating his sisters shoe's. Got to save those!


  1. Oh my goodness, baby boy is SO CUTE! I hear you on the madness - we are solidly in that realm ourselves. Maggie is all. over. the. place.

    I love that Montessori inspired mat, too! Nice to see you pop up in my reader!

    1. Thanks for dropping by.... i'm always excited to read your blog too. It's fun to watch how those little people grow up!


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