Monday, June 13, 2011

7 happy things.

1. shadows on our ceiling

2. a gift for a toddler friend...

3. and what's in it... tea time! (yeah to having time for crafts!)

4. great stripes for little money in homecenter

5. a cup of wine with my dear husband, best friend and lover!

6. watching all 4 Pirates movies in 2 weeks and humming the melodies of the awesome music in it for days (no more pirates for one year at least!)

7. getting soaking wet from the rain on a summer day. in israel. it's a miracle!
no picture though :(

Friday, June 3, 2011

a new life.

we moved house last week. that was one month earlier than expected and it went by like a storm. I had started packing 2 months ago, but that went as far as 5 boxes of books and that was about it. than 2 weeks ago we found the perfect new apartment for the perfect rent! and within a week we moved. packing up like a freak with an ever unpacking toddler, who carried random items to random places and kept hiding things in empty boxes or trash bins... I felt lost. I didn't know where anything was anymore in 2 houses. that was when we already started moving the packed stuff and still living in the old place. terrible 5 days of transition. I almost couldn't bear it. but "tap on my shoulder *blink" this resulted in a unstopable unpacking energy. the house was set up within 48 hours after moving in. I am still in shock. to keep it real: there are no curtains up or pictures on the walls due to the fact that my husband is on a 3-day conference. I love the thrill of the drill but alone with a kid that gets scared from a vacuum cleaner I don't think that would be all that great of a plan. so what else to do other than blogging farewell to the old house? that's where we lived for the last 3 years...

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