Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sewing Vacation

In less than a week I am going to visit my parents where I will pick up my new old sewing machine. I am counting down to this because I was without sewing mashine for 2 months now. This will be the annual visit for my baby to see her Grandparents so I will have plenty of time to sewsewsew! Right now I am shopping online for supplies and everything will be shipped directly to my parents house hopefully in time and I can start sewing the minute I arrive. Time for an summer sewing inspiration roundup.

feeling mighty red and white... thinking of strawberries, cherries, red sunsets...

[all products show above can be bought online in various dawanda-shops listed here]

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dandelions for Denise

I have a friend Denise who is very dear to me. I am grateful to her because she taught me embroidery, but much more than this she prays for me and encourages me to pursue my creative goal. I can really dream a lot and my mind is spinning constantly about ideas. I can start a hundred projects but to finish them is the real challenge. Well Denise helped me to keep going and finishing stuff. So she deserves some Dandelions. I almost had it wrapped when I remembered to snap a few shots.

 Dandelion notebook cover. Hand embroidery on felt.

 accompanied by a simple drawn Dandelion card.
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