About Lydia Purple

Hi I am Lydia and I love to create things. I am always busy making the home and live for my little family more beautiful and enjoyable. I love to cook, sew, photograph, decorate, paint and just about anything crafty. This little blog is just a space to keep track of what I do and share it with you. I suck at doing this regularly, but I try to get better at blogging more frequently. I have tons of things to share, but sometimes it just doesn't happen, which is actually good, because real live is happening out there, people!

In case you wonder about the name Lydia Purple... Well, I took that from the bible, the book of Acts, where Lydia was a seller of purple fabric and a worshiper of God. My name is Lydia and I love fabric and God, so there you go!

I grew up in Germany, but live now in Israel with my husband, our daughter and soon a little baby boy! We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of both the Jewish and all other nations, and we as a family celebrate the biblical and some of the traditional Jewish holidays. (That's why you find Hanukka and Passover projects on this blog and not Christmas or Easter crafts).

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