Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Help! I run out of thrifty T-shirts...

Today it happened. The boy (22 months old now) asked to take off the diaper in the park to pee in the  bushes. And he stayed out of diapers all day long actually wearing pants. He was running butt naked around the house for several weeks now doing his business on the pot all by himself. But as soon as he'd wear undies he just would not go to the toilet or ask for help. So I left him in diapers when out of the house. Now I bought him some undies already, but heck, a single size 2T boxer brief costs more than a pack of seven girl briefs the same size. That is if you even can find them in that size. Seems like boys around here are not expected to be out of diapers until they wear a size 4. What is wrong with this world?

Anyways, I considered today a major breakthrough in the potty training department around here so I used the almost last thrifty t-shirt left in my recycle drawer to make some boy boxers to add to his cute big boy manly underwear collection. You can never have enough undies at this stage!

I used this tutorial from Max California. The boxers come together quickly, the only change I made is that I cut the cod piece in one piece (minus some seam allowance) instead of sewing two pieces together. And I cheated and left the T-shirt hem on so I didn't need to sew the hem on the legs (one of the reasons I love repurposing old clothes... you can always re-use some of the features and safe some time and hassle). They look really great I think and the size seems right when compared with the store bought versions... I can't tell yet about the fit since the boy hasn't agreed on wearing them yet. They only been around for about 7 hours as I post this... so no need to stress about that yet. I felt inspired to blog so I had to use the momentum and blog it anyways. This place here is neglected way to much. Not that there is nothing to share, it just never makes it on the blog. Blah.

Well, on a side note: The reason my thrifty repurpose T-shirt stash is running low is very simple... I am working on a rag rug, snapping pictures on the way to finally get that tutorial for baskets/rugs together... and it actually feels pretty great to use up a bunch of T-shirts that were waiting to get a new life for way too long.

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