Monday, February 20, 2012


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This is Frederika, she is Swedish, and she lives all around the world in IKEA. When I first met her, I loved her right away, she's so cheerful and happy and colorful. I had to take her home. And I did. I sewed up every little piece of her, I couldn't let the tiniest strip go to waste. From only 2 meters she gave us tons of pillow joy.

This is a large cover that is stuffed with 3 old couch back pillows.
It has an opening on the side so I can take it off for washing. It's basically made like a regular pillowcase, just with the opening on the long side, and than divided into 3 equal parts.
with the leftovers I made 2 cushions for little chairs...
I love how the large print works on the little square.
and the leftovers from that became little pillows - I mean doll size.
I like how the round one turned out. And some members of the family love the pillow fight quality of these.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hanukka Gift No. 2: iPhone cover and Circle Pouch

This earbud pouch has been all over the internet since last November and it inspired this gift to my husband. A little iPhone cover and a matching earbud pouch. He lost his earbuds so many times and I thought it would be a great thing to have a little pouch for them on his keys. But bless him, he never used it up until now, which may be my own fault because it was buried under a pile of stuff in our office. 
My take on the earbud pouch... finished with black bias tape.
Red Gingham and Aqua with black accents and my earbuds.
The iPhone cover. Aqua with a red wonky stitch decoration
Lined with Red Gingham. I.LOVE.RED.AND.AQUA!
Now that I've finally take the pictures and uploaded them I can put these two into my husband's stuff so he may actually use 'em.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hanukka Gift No 1: For My Little Chef

One happy little cook on the planet.
One of the most fun projects to make so far was this little outfit for my chef. My baby loves to help in the kitchen. In fact she won't let me cook alone unless she is asleep. If she's in a bad mood I just have to say "hey want to come and cook something?" Her little face will light up and within seconds she'll be in the kitchen. I think when she turns 3 she'll be ready to cook our dinners. Just kidding.

Needless to say, she loves her cooking outfit. When she starts cooking in her play kitchen she'll first bring the hat and apron and I'll have to help her put it on. There are 2 mittens, too and she'll put them on running around with little pots saying "heiss, heiss!" (hot, hot in German).

Ready to zoom in on the details a little?

2 sides of the apron
straps from bias tape
I made the apron extra big so it will fit for a while. The straps also leave room for adjustment.
oven mittens
The mittens are simple cotton lining, padding, cotton outer fabric. all held together and finished with some red bias tape. Simple and effective. I made the opening for the hands quite big, since in my last version turned out pretty tight and not so easy to put on for little hands.

the hat from top.
the bottom part of the hat lined with felt

And last but not least: The simple chef hat. Two rectangles of fabric. The lower one lined with felt for stability and better fit on fine baby hair. The top part was ruffled on the bottom and tied up on top with a string to close up the hat. There are other ways to create a chef's hat using a square piece of fabric for the top part. Both ways work well.

And here the cook in action:
What's for dinner?
Steamed felt carrots.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still here and back!

Shshsh... almost 3 months no word. Sorry for that. Not that I don't have anything to share. Time just flew by and then when I had stuff ready to be shared there was no light for taking pictures. And now I have a mess on my sewing table plus a pile of finished projects to snap some photos and share.And 2 books to show you. And some yummy corduroy which I am not yet 100% sure what to make of it. Look:


Skirt? Purse? Dresses for the little girl?

But anyways... before I can start sewing I have to clean up the sewing table... until then I've got plenty to share in the upcoming posts. Like handmade Hanukka gifts and some IKEA fabric love or upholstered chairs in vintage fabric.

Off to snap some photos and draft some blog posts.

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