Monday, February 6, 2012

Hanukka Gift No 1: For My Little Chef

One happy little cook on the planet.
One of the most fun projects to make so far was this little outfit for my chef. My baby loves to help in the kitchen. In fact she won't let me cook alone unless she is asleep. If she's in a bad mood I just have to say "hey want to come and cook something?" Her little face will light up and within seconds she'll be in the kitchen. I think when she turns 3 she'll be ready to cook our dinners. Just kidding.

Needless to say, she loves her cooking outfit. When she starts cooking in her play kitchen she'll first bring the hat and apron and I'll have to help her put it on. There are 2 mittens, too and she'll put them on running around with little pots saying "heiss, heiss!" (hot, hot in German).

Ready to zoom in on the details a little?

2 sides of the apron
straps from bias tape
I made the apron extra big so it will fit for a while. The straps also leave room for adjustment.
oven mittens
The mittens are simple cotton lining, padding, cotton outer fabric. all held together and finished with some red bias tape. Simple and effective. I made the opening for the hands quite big, since in my last version turned out pretty tight and not so easy to put on for little hands.

the hat from top.
the bottom part of the hat lined with felt

And last but not least: The simple chef hat. Two rectangles of fabric. The lower one lined with felt for stability and better fit on fine baby hair. The top part was ruffled on the bottom and tied up on top with a string to close up the hat. There are other ways to create a chef's hat using a square piece of fabric for the top part. Both ways work well.

And here the cook in action:
What's for dinner?
Steamed felt carrots.


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