Monday, February 20, 2012


Source: via Lydia on Pinterest

This is Frederika, she is Swedish, and she lives all around the world in IKEA. When I first met her, I loved her right away, she's so cheerful and happy and colorful. I had to take her home. And I did. I sewed up every little piece of her, I couldn't let the tiniest strip go to waste. From only 2 meters she gave us tons of pillow joy.

This is a large cover that is stuffed with 3 old couch back pillows.
It has an opening on the side so I can take it off for washing. It's basically made like a regular pillowcase, just with the opening on the long side, and than divided into 3 equal parts.
with the leftovers I made 2 cushions for little chairs...
I love how the large print works on the little square.
and the leftovers from that became little pillows - I mean doll size.
I like how the round one turned out. And some members of the family love the pillow fight quality of these.

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