Saturday, November 3, 2012

Preparing Salad

so...while I still try to cope and adjust to life with 2 children, my 2 1/2 year old daughter is taking care of us ;-) she is really into "helping" with all sorts of chores around the house. And lately she is asking almost daily to prepare "salat katan" (=a small salad). She can do it (almost) all by herself. I usually stay close by just to make sure she won't jump off the chair with the knife in her hand. She is really careful when cutting and so far only cut herself in the finger once.

This is how I set it up:

I put a small amount on olive oil in a small cup.
I have an all natural spice mixture for this salad and I open the shaker on the smallest hole.
A piece of feta cheese, washed cherry tomatoes and cucumbers pre-cut in long sticks.
And of course a cutting board, knife and bowl.

And here's how she prepares the salad:
See how well it works to cut the cucumber sticks into smaller pieces?!

and onto the tomatoes
they are more tricky because they are round...
but she can do it
and put it in the bowl.
than crumble the feta cheese
pour the olive oil (I tried before to let her pour it from the bottle, but she wouldn't stop pouring because it's so much fun. expensive and very oily fun.)
and add some spices... you see why it's necessary to only open one of the smallest holes.

my little cook
one proud little cook with her delish' salad

never mind we are still in our pajamas and have a bed head... after all it's saturday morning ;-)

(sorry for the strange exposure in the pictures... the early morning light in our usually dark kitchen makes for hard photography conditions.)

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  1. I'm just incredibly impressed that your daughter will eat salad! Despite doing all of the recommended things, I can't get my 3.5 yr old to eat anything green or tomatoes, or anything with vinegar in it, etc. etc. Her small salad looks beautiful!


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