Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doll Stroller Re-Do


You know those cheap-o doll strollers. The fabric and make is so cheap it breaks easily, especially if some 2 year old keeps sitting in it... and since we like recycling and sewing over here, it simply wasn't an option to throw the perfectly good frame out after the fabric part ripped. My friend - the seam ripper - helped me take the old thing apart completely to use as a pattern. I used a cotton fabric that will hopefully last longer than the original. For straps I used ribbon I had laying around the house, it wasn't the best choice but does the job. I would have bought something different but had no time to run to the store, because the baby was begging me to get her stroller back to be usable!


P.S.: There are a few tutorials for similar projects online... one is over here!

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