Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Coral Skirt & A Boob Handbag

This is the first of the "A Skirt on Saturday" projects. I got this hand-me-down piece of ill fitting weird cut neck holder whatever tunic...


I loved the fabric and the red lining so I couldn't just throw it out or pass on. I had to redo it. It actually was way to big on me around the chest so one time I just pulled it down to see how low it would fit and the idea of making it into a skirt was born.


So first I grabbed my seam ripper and removed the top part both outer fabric and lining from the bottom part. I left the zipper in and just cut it shorter and finished off the new edges. I then pinned the lining and outer fabric to fit around my waist (since it was cut a bit roundish when it was a top... I basically straightened it to make it a skirt so it would bulk up weird around my waist. I then sewed the lining and outer fabric right sides together on the skirts top part. And that's it. A simple nice skirt.

The top part I made into a little purse. I cut off the straight parts that where originally on the back. I then sewed the two bust pieces together and added a strip of the same fabric on the bottom so the tiny purse could actually hold something. Repeat for lining. I simply knotted the two straps (that used to be neck holder straps) together and that's it. I can fit in my wallet, keys and phone.

A real quick recycling project and here is how it looks like in real life.




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