Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Apple A Day...

...keeps the doctor away... and a skirt a week keeps the girly chick!

I like skirts and I love to make them. I have a bunch of skirt projects hanging around in the sewing room so I will start posting a skirt project every Saturday. This is to end the procrastination.  There are skirt patterns that need to be tried, too big skirts to be fitted, some other refashion projects and lots of nice fabrics and patterns. So I am excited and I hope you too.

skirt button

If you would like to follow "A Skirt on Saturday" or join in (it doesn't need to be every week) I would be very happy. There is a flickr group and an album on my facebook page to post your pretty skirt creations - so share share share! If you decide to post A Skirt on Saturday on your blog please link back to me, so I can come over and have a look! Grab my "A Skirt on Saturday" button in my sidebar!

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