Saturday, November 12, 2011

Corduroy Skirt

I love the pink-brown combo

I love this corduroy skirt. I found it on sale a few years ago but way to big. I've worn it with safety pins several times... but it was always a very insecure business. The pins would always open up in the wrong moment and I feared the skirt would fall off me more than once. It's one of the quickest things to fix and yet it took me some years! I just put the skirt on inside out and pinned it to fit. Than took it off and sewed two pleats to the back. The pleats are not perfect, but good enough. On the bottom they sort of make a funny little bump because of the extra fabric (well the skirt was 3 sizes too big!) Now at least the skirt fits me perfectly. I might redo it again if I find a better way than the pleats. But this is working for now.


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